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8-bit Theater
8-Bit theater, first and best of the sprite based comics. You know, that Brian Clevinger guy takes Final Fantasy 1 game sprites and made a comic out of them. How 'Clevinger'! HA! Get it? Clever, Clevinger.. Maybe not.

There are many... guards. In the castle. Much like RPG world (enough for a crossover, ZING!), talkin' bout all that crazy stuff in role-playin' games. And Boggle. Boggle. Mark Shallow, you crazy cat.

Angst Technology
Barry T. Smith. Web comic about a start up computer company. And you get games with cows packing heat. But just take his word for it. You must respect his authori-tay! Man I like saying that.

Exploitation Now
Good ol EN, by Poe. Yeah, I know Poe. YEAH! That's right! Now all must read Gratuitous Manga Style! Right, um, also: not for the younger audiences.

The Jar
What is the Jar? No one really knows. But this spiffy little comic that Tom writes and Kittyhawk, uh, arts is about anime boarding school kind of stuff. Like Harry Potter, but less British and more insane. Kinda reminds me of the ol' FARPS, but that's a different story for a different time...

by Lawrence Kwan. A new web comic, but you should read it. Now! Go! Now if we could only teach him some priorities... Web comic first, college second! Sheesh.

Piro and Largo's escapades in Tokyo. A little something to bring you back from the brink after reading the insanity of most of these other comics. Not that Mosh Mosh Revolution is any less crazed...

Penny Arcade
Ya know, that Penny Arcade comic, by Tycho and Gabe.. Whoah. I don't even want to think about how someone would have to hear about Penny Arcade from me. If that were the case, they would've had to have read mine before.. *Shudder*. Go read it.

Aaron Farber. Pentasmal. Weird little blue guy and angry little pink guy. Need I say more? Okay, but just a little more. Communism. There. I'm done.

RPG World
by Ian J. *sigh*. I wish I was this good*. Well, basically RPG spoof thing to pass the time while you're waiting for that Bahamut summon spell to finish. Still going...
*(Of course, I will be. You just wait!)

Sluggy Freelance
Who needs work / school? You should take a vacation and read all of Pete Abrams' Sluggy archives. 4+ years, daily strip. You do the math. Oh, and if you need a reason, it's got a rabbit with a switchblade knife.

Stubble. Everything I wanted to forget about high school, right back in my face. It brings 'angst-filled-teen' back in spades. Josh Mirman.

Warp 9 to Hell
Well, Warp 9 is back, and quickly dancing up the list of web comics I read (it's ordered by how much I like them :) They've got their own site now, and things appear to be back to normal. Or getting there, anyway..

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