*new Character based plot!! (Trust me, it'll come in handy later)
Hatsuma- seeking adventure, Hatsuma's thoughts were disrupted by Hot Dog Man. The two had a massive battle that ended in a draw.. and a friendship. Now a mysterious woman has decieved the two into an ambush in Utah. There Hatsuma finds his ally, Dooz, and the two must confront the wily Edward.

Hot Dog Man- Innocently eating a hot dog, Hot Dog Man was violently assaulted by an eccentric character, Hatsuma. The two fought, but a gun explosion ended the battle prematurely. The two ended up walking into an obvious trap in an evil area known as 'Utah'. In the midst of a massive ninja battle, a mech attacked from behind. The current condition of Hot Dog Man after that laser blast is unknown.

Dooz- Dooz, being the courageous guy that he is, caught wind of his friend Hatsuma walking into yet another hopeless situation. The horribly simple (and likely to disapear from the storyline for artistic purposes) mech that Dooz piloted to the castle proved entirely capable of saving the day. But now there is a new foe, a certain Edward Vis.

Edward- Edward had been tricked into yet another evil lackey job, for another shadowy figure. Now he has to combat two would be heroes, one a swordsman, the other a mech pilot. But at least Edward has a plan.

Get back to the strip, where the action is!

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